2 disc CD set of healing music

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Head to our ‘Buy CD’ page at https://music.pinkdolphinmusic.com/buy-cd/ to order a special 2 disc set of DJ Soulfeggio’s latest album Tranceformations (Alpha & Beta).

DJ Soulfeggio is pioneering the genre “Solfeggio Trance” with this ground-breaking debut double-CD release, featuring all new and original collection of healing EDM, tuned specifically to one of the Solfeggio Frequencies…

174 Hz – Pain relief

285 Hz – Cleansing energy fields & healing tissue

396 Hz – Liberation from guilt and fear

417 Hz – Revelation of truth

528 Hz – DNA Repair

639 Hz – Bridging gaps & reconnecting relationships

741 Hz – Detoxify the cells & organs

852 Hz – Awakening inner strength

963 Hz – Activating the pineal gland


To raise the vibration of the planet, play loud, dance hard, share everywhere and repeat as often as necessary.


All the best stories are about a guy meeting a girl. The guy in this story is Geoffrey Hoffman, a patented inventor, computer programmer and multimedia artist also known to the Arizona trance and conscious dance scene as “DJ Soulfeggio.” Geoff had already been writing and producing music for more than two decades when in 2015, he had an epiphany: to alter the state of mankind by altering the state of trance.

After a divorce in 2014 left him without a family in the state, he looked to the heavens one starry night and asked for a reason to stay in Arizona. The universe provided the answer within a few days – enter the girl. On his first and only Tinder date of his life, the 44 year old found magic. Her name was Rainbow Sparkleshine, and from their first date, he knew the trajectory of his life was instantly changed.

The pair were already both Reiki practitioners, but with this gloriously tuned-in woman’s guidance, he took another leap of faith and enrolled in a Polarity class, and shortly thereafter, a sound healing class, both taught by world-renowned teachers. It wasn’t long before Geoffrey was able to combine these new tools of healing into his sonic palette. In the years that followed, deep research enabled him to connect the dots and bridge the gaps between the ancient healing tones of the Solfeggio and modern DJ equipment and software.

Almost five years in the making, Tranceformations is the debut EP from DJ Soulfeggio’s collection that will ultimately span exactly 108 tracks – combining elements from the twelve zodiac signs and nine Solfeggio tones. Tranceformations is a groundbreaking and consciousness-expanding triumph of vision, will and spirit, as much as it is about meditative inner reflection. Combining ancient wisdom with vibrations from the future, from the first beat to the last, from your root chakra to your third eye, these rich, sonic textures and intricate, unexpected melodies will become the cornerstone work defining the new sub-genre of Solfeggio trance.

Astonishing in originality, uplifting in spirit, and contemplative as a collection, these songs will become the staple of the emerging conscious dance movement sweeping the younger generation, as they seek to find deeper meaning in an increasingly divided and confusing world.

Own your copy now at https://music.pinkdolphinmusic.com/buy-cd